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What is mail drop?

A Mail drop is a secure address, recognised by the postal service, where you can rent a box and effectively use it as postal address (for remailing service).
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What are Mail drops?

Mail drops are also known as letter boxes, mail box rentals, accommodation addresses, remailing services, and mail forwarding services. Basically, mail drops are businesses which allow clients to use their addresses for a small fee. They receive mail and re-mail it regarding to instructions. Clients, in turn, have various reasons for using alternative addresses. Many different types of people use mail drops for many different reasons, not all related to secrecy. Some have to do with convenience or practicality.

In modern times the need for confidentiality is becoming extremely apparent. In spite of rights of privacy, we find ourselves becoming more and more vulnerable to government snooping. New technology in the hands of the bureaucrats provides sophisticated methods of penetrating our affairs. Our mail is a good example.

Postal authorities use a little known surveillance technique known as the "mail cover", which operates informally and allows them to investigate your mail without having to first obtain a court order, a requirement in most countries. 'The mail cover' is simply an instruction to the mail carrier requesting that they note the return addresses on mail delivered to any address under investigation.

This is far worse than a court order to open mail, as it's totally indiscriminate. It means that whoever sends a letter or package to the marked address can end up on the suspect list.

Postal inspectors often run mail covers for their own investigations, and in co-operation with other investigative agencies. . Wide use of computers has made surveillance far easier. Envelopes are increasingly carrying 'address bars'. Businesses and even private individuals are obtaining bar code reading equipment to make mail sorting easier.

Routine opening of mail is practiced by government agencies to assist in the apprehension of tax evaders, subversives and other assorted individuals.

Officials will often use the 'misdirected mail' scam to read your letters. Your mail will "Accidentally" ends up at a government office where it is opened "in error", read, and the contents noted, re-sealed and sent on its way. When you receive it, it could carry an "opened in error" stamp, and more often than not, you won't think any further about it.

Preventing the surreptitious reading of your mail by the bad guys, can be very difficult because of scientific methods that have been developed. Spray-on cleaning solvents such as carbon tetrachloride, trichlorethylene, and perchlorethylene will cause some types of envelopes to go translucent temporarily when these solvents are applied, thus allowing the contents to be read. There are also ways of opening envelopes that leave no traces at all if handled by a skilled operative. Steaming an envelope open is a simple matter and leaves no trace.

Who need Mail drop?

All categories of people who frequently travel or spend long periods away from their home are potential mail drop users. Truck drivers, retired individuals, and merchant seamen, commercial representatives and inveterate travellers are good examples. It is quite inconvenient to use your home address while away unless you have a trusted person available to forward your mail. Home-based businesses, out of state college applicants and out of state job applicants are also users of mail box drops.

In recent years, mail lost or stolen in the delivery process or from domestic mailboxes has become a problem. A mail drop will cut the risk.

Parties might want to keep their address secret involved in divorce proceedings and can be vulnerable to surveillance by opposing attorneys.

Debtors in financial trouble dodging their creditors, others simply seeking to enhance their financial privacy, are also users.

Some citizens simply prefer not to deal with the post office. Post Office Boxes don't really do the trick and many corporations, banks, mail-order companies, etc., do not accept P.O. Boxes as a contact address. An established street address appears more professional like an actual business/residence exists.

An untraceable address has many uses for this category of person. For instance, while opening negotiations on delicate matters, it could be prudent not to divulge one's correct identity or that of one's employer or employee.

A small new business just starting from a residential premises can benefit from having a prestigious address. Arranging a mail drop address in a high profile international area can provide the answer.

It might be an advantage for an employer to keep certain information from his employees from a day to day security point of view. He might want to safeguard himself against possible theft or embezzlement or industrial espionage. Also when seeking new staff, a mail drop is ideal as an address for applicants. This stops the possibility of unsuitable candidates arriving at the Company and enables the advertiser to do initial checks on prospects even before he divulges the name of his company. We have looked at many uses for mail drops and you should now be able to identify much area where mail drops can work for you.

Advantages of having maildrop

In real terms, there's just no comparison for the following reasons: Arranging a mail drop is simple, fast and no identification is needed. In most countries it is a requirement that you show identity when renting a Post Office Box. No ID is needed to use our services. Mail drops have an actual street address unlike P.O. Box numbers and this always makes a better impression. With a P.O. Box, there are often delays, waiting lists and usual formalities to put up with. Mail drops will receive a letter from you, open the outer envelope and remail the enclosed letter from their location. This gives the impression that you are writing from that location. Post offices rarely offer remailing services.

Mail drops will accept courier service packages on your behalf. Post offices won't. Mail drops will forward your mail to whichever address you have requested them. Mail drops are completely independent from the government and this ensures absolute privacy. Mail drop owners would lose all credibility if they provided information about their clients. It's doubtful they could stay in business. Post offices work in compliance with the government.

We offer overnight delivery and express services. When you mail us a parcel, we immediately take care of it per your instructions. Perhaps you want your mail forwarding delivered via express mail or you wish for us to mail a package via express to your client. We can arrange that as well deducting from your postal deposit.

As you can see mail drops offer a lot for people on the move, particularly those who want to retain as much privacy as possible.